LOWA Index
  1. Alpine


    LOWA Index 1

    Engineered to cope with expedition mountaineering to 8,000 metres and more, extreme mountaineering on mixed terrain, demanding climbs in the western Alps, and via ferratas. Designed to accept rigid mountaineering crampons with modern bindings.

    Alpine shoes

  2. Backpacking


    LOWA Index 2

    These models are at home on high-level mountain hikes, multi-day hut-to-hut walks, tough treks the world over, and adventures with a heavy backpack. Designed to suit modern crampons with a strap binding.

    Backpacking shoes

  3. Trekking


    LOWA Index 3

    Ideal for extended treks, moderate hikes over mountain terrain, easy hut walks and demanding single-day hikes.

    Trekking shoes

  4. All Terrain Classic

    All Terrain Classic

    LOWA Index 4

    This multi-functional footwear is suitable for lower altitude hillwalking on well made trails, leisurely walks, family outings, cycling or simply for the multi-terrain challenges of daily life.

    ATC shoes

  5. All Terrain Sport

    All Terrain Sport

    LOWA Index 5

    These models are built to tackle all kinds of outdoor activity, from walking to speed hiking, mountain biking and cycle touring to fitness walks.

    All Terrain Sport shoes

  6. Travel


    LOWA Index 6

    Sporty, casual leisure footwear for everyday wear, travelling or shopping and sightseeing trips. These models come in fashionable designs and are lightweight and very comfortable.

    Travel shoes

  7. Cold Weather Boots

    Cold Weather Boots

    Fit, insulation and good traction in snow and slush are what make the Cold Weather Boots the best companion, particularly on lengthy winter treks and snowshoe hikes. Cold and wet don’t have a chance with these styles. The clever choice in any weather.

    Cold Weather Boots

  8. Kids


    The perfect companion for playtime and fun that is ready for any adventure but can also chill-out in school while still looking cool. They set themselves apart with perfect fit, optimal protection and functional details.

    Kids shoes


The favorite shoes of the LOWA athletes

In short video clips, LOWA PRO Team athletes show us some LOWA styles upon which they rely in extreme situations on the mountain.

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Video LOWA Pro Team on the move

LOWA Pro Team on the move

Our LOWA-athletes on the summits of the world. Watch this video clip with impressive scenes.

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner from upper Austria is part of the LOWA PRO Team for over ten years.

Unglaublich, jetzt sehen wir uns schon zu unserem dritten Abenteuer! Was LO & WA dieses Mal mit LOWINGO erleben? Seht selbst

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