It's getting serious...

Sport climbing will make its Olympic debut at the 2020 Tokyo Games. Last week the German Alpine Association (DAV) nominated two women and four men for the Olympic focus team.

About one and a half year before the sports premiere it's getting serious for the athletes. The world’s best women and men climbers, 20 each, will battle for the coveted medals. Only two women and two men are allowed per nation to qualify, all of whom will then compete against each other in the qualifying rounds in Japan. The top six will advance to the finals. In the entry phase as well as in the qualifying rounds, athletes must compete in all three disciplines in a kind of Olympic triathlon combining bouldering, lead climbing and speed climbing. Only those who are well trained in all three categories have any kind of chance to gain a ticket to Japan.

The first move is done

Of course, our German climbing athletes want to measure themselves against the best of the best. Yannick Flohé has a good chance to represent Germany at the Games. He is a German Alpine Association (DAV) athlete in the Aachen region, a member of the LOWA CLIMBING Team and was now nominated into the Olympic focus team. In the last year, he has been able to achieve two important national successes: He became German National Champion in speed and bouldering. Yannick was able to score points at the German Championships in Augsburg in the competitive premiere of this new “Olympic Combined” Olympic format, winning the silver for second place.
The German Lead Championship in Darmstadt also started well for Yannick. In qualifying rounds, he topped both routes, and he was in 3rd place at the end of the semis. In the finals, Yannick was the sixth to start. He climbed the first part of the route competently. At about the 34th move on a section with a big overhang where many athletes had had problems, both of Yannick’s feet slipped at the same time – but he was able to hold on. Just a couple of moves later, he fell and was caught by the rope. In the end, he barely missed a podium spot and had to be satisfied with his 4th place.

All for Tokyo

In general 2018 went very well for Yannick. In international competitions, he was also able to prove his ability. At the Youth World Championships in bouldering in Moscow, he secured second place. In addition, at the European Youth Cup in lead climbing in Uster he stood at the top of the podium. Yannick has focussed on climbing since he completed his final exams at the end of his secondary education (“Abitur”) in 2017. Always in sight: Olympics 2020. Rightly so, since it is getting serious this year. In August, at the World Championships in Tokyo and in November at a special qualification competition the first tickets for Tokyo will be distributed.