Mountain film Tyndýk: A film exploring the mother-son experience in the Kyrgyzstan mountains

Modern alpinism seems to be taking speedy strides similar to the development of social media: Successes, records and top performances are posted, tweeted and facebooked in seconds and distributed quickly to a large and anonymous public.

Tyndýk - a documentary by outdoor photographer Franz Walter -- deliberately follows a totally different path. The main character is Ines Papert's son, Manu, whose inspirational, child-like narrative tells the special story of his travel experiences underscored by mythical music. The unending vastness of Kyrgyzstan, life so different from our civilised reality. Calmly, from Manu's perspective, the film tells the story of Ines Papert's first ascent of the 5,842-meter Mount Kyzyl Asker in the high mountains of Tien Shan. In the process, mountaineering and the summit attempt take second place to the opinions, impressions and encounters as only a child can experience during such personal travels in a world that has been fully forgotten.

Tyndýk can be found by going to; selected showings are planned for alpine film festivals. Launching the film through a variety of websites contradicts the feeling that Franz Walter wants to convey with it. "The story and its cast are simply too precious to me. And viewers who watch the film quietly for 20 minutes don't deserve to be bombarded with banner ads. Too often, we allow ourselves on the Internet to be satisfied with low quality and a lack of substance".