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True outdoor athletes know no limits when it comes to alpine adventures and pushing their own limits. If you head out regularly in extreme conditions, you have to be able to rely 100 per cent on your gear in any weather. Certainly ideal when you can conquer without any issues even the most difficult passages over ice and rock in boots with an integrated gaiter like the ALPINE ICE GTX®. Also fully crampon compatible.

Above 4,000 meters elevation, not only is the air thinner. Indeed, the technical demands for alpine mountaineering boots also increase. There is no room for compromises here. That is one of the reasons why the ALPINE ICE GTX® was developed together with the professional alpinists on the LOWA PRO Team – to ensure fulfilling even the highest demands. Thus, the completely crampon-compatible mountaineering boot is equipped with a flexible gaiter and waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane to ensure neither snow nor water can penetrate the boot. The high-cut scree collar and the upper insulated with PrimaLoft® also ensure optimal protection in extreme weather conditions. The anatomical last contributes to optimum comfort whilst the lower-profile sole construction promises increased control, direct ground contact, and a clearly improved power transfer on rock, ice and snow.

Whether on exposed summit ridges, crossing an icy glacier or climbing on brittle rock, when you have an all-rounder like the ALPINE ICE GTX®, every alpinist can focus on the essentials and move quite nimbly across difficult terrain.

Weight per pair (UK 8): 1750g

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The attraction of a frozen waterfall is not only magical because the glittery natural spectacle is so fragile and short-lived, but also because there is adventure in every centimeter of the thickly frozen sheet. To make sure the challenge is not just a pure question of nerves, the minimalist ice climbing boot ICE ROCKET with its innovative BOA Closure System® provides that extra dash of safety.

What is already a challenge for climbing athletes is literally taken to the peak of extremes. The steep flanks of puristic ice demand not only pure arm and leg power, but also technical ability in particular. One characteristic that the extreme slim-cut ice-climbing boot innately brings is its roots from the Performance ROCKET model. In addition to a semi-flexed last, a total of five points on the front and three on the back ensure secure hold and a reliable grip while climbing or hooking. The innovative twist-knob closure on the front foot allows total and optimal fit customization. Its technical refinements were developed with professional alpinists like Ines Papert, Roger Schäli and Rudi Hauser from the LOWA PRO Team and tested on icy high-altitude adventures.

Head out before the route starts to melt again, or so the saying goes in ice climbing. No problem for the ICE ROCKET. With this boot as your partner you’ll be climbing with the maximum in safety at your side.

Weight per pair (UK 8): 980g

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Passionate alpinists must be able to rely on their footwear 100 per cent on any terrain. And the ALPINE PRO GTX® isn’t just a perfect companion. The leather version of this highly technically engineered boot also masters the hardest challenges with bravura. The difference? The ALPINE PRO GTX® LE is made of split leather and thus is even more durable on crags.

One of LOWA’s trademarks since Day 1 is the combination of traditional shoemaking with modern materials and technology. Accordingly, the newest generation of outdoor boots fulfils even the highest demands on athletic products. Although the new leather version weighs a little bit more, it puts the wishes of outdoor athletes just as much in the foreground. The split leather used is even more durable and takes direct contact with the crag without a whimper. The newly constructed midsole is lower-profile than traditional outdoor boots and thus offers a more stable platform and increased ground sensitivity. A shorter toebox brings your foot closer to the rock and ensures more control and best power transfer. The Vibram® Alpine outsole promises superb grip whilst integrated cushioning and an anatomical footbed ensure optimum comfort even on longer high-altitude tours.

As always, boots made of split leather are preferred by mountain athletes of all kinds due to their breathability and optimum fit. One reason why LOWA has added the ALPINE PRO GTX® LE to its collection. A modern, minimalist alpine boot that combines traditional values and modern technology in creative ways.

Weight per pair (UK 8): 1590g

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Women are just as ambitious on alpine terrain as their male mountaineering counterparts. So they also need footwear made just for a woman’s foot. To that end, both the ALPINE PRO GTX® Ws and the approach shoe APPROACH PRO GTX® LO Ws are made with a special women’s last and do not fall one iota short of the men’s models when it comes to comfort, fit and technical performance.

Good footwear plays an overriding role, especially on demanding mountain tours – no matter what gender the alpinist. To ensure women alpinists can perform at their best at any time and can rely on optimum comfort, LOWA makes mountaineering boots and approach footwear that are specially made for a woman’s foot. Thus, both models feature the same technical features, whether men’s or women’s, although the women’s is made on a special women’s last that is narrower in overall width and at the heel. With its modern, minimalist design and a multitude of performance details, nothing more stands in the way of bagging the peak.

If a woman wants to conquer alpine terrain with less weight on her feet, the ALPINE PRO GTX® Ws and the APPROACH PRO GTX® LO Ws, both made especially for a woman’s foot, are perfect choices. Whether for a demanding mountain tour on rock and ice or merely to get to the next hut, both of these high-end models are totally en vogue in the mountains.

Weight per pair: ALPINE PRO GTX® Ws (UK 5) 1260g; APPROACH PRO GTX® LO Ws (UK 5) 800g

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The name says it all with the lace-up version of the ROCKET. Indeed, ambitious climbers can scale walls with even more focus with this slightly cambered, unlined climbing shoe. Thanks to its ability to adapt to your individual foot anatomy, not only is the shoe super comfortable but also your control on the crag is greatly improved.

This semi-flexed shoe is designed in particular for sport climbers who prefer to be outside on a crag than in the gym. If you have clear goals for the outdoor world, but still do not want to neglect needed comfort on multi-pitch climbs, you will surpass expectations with the ROCKET LACING even on challenging routes. Improved power transfer is possible with the stiffer Vibram® XS-Grip® sole. Even precise edging is also possible. The foot also gets additional support from the lacing system, which allows you to anatomically adjust the fit of the pre-stretched split leather to your own needs. And the non-irritating leather upper consistently retains its shape, even without any chemicals whatsoever used in the tanning process.

Once the ROCKET LACING is tied on snugly, even the longest climbs will feel like a short holiday on the crag. A fit finely tuned to your foot anatomy means you save energy on particularly tricky spots – either from the subtle camber or because the overall well-engineered concept offers the necessary support.

Weight per pair (UK8): 570g

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Traditional alpine boots are suitable in first order for alpine terrain due to their stable construction methods. What in this case ensures needed sure-footed safety can in the case of moderate tours limit the natural and flexible roll-through of the foot in some circumstances. Stability and comfort can however walk the same path, as proven by both the IROX GTX® MID and LYXA GTX® MID Ws trekking models.

A perfect trekking boot must in first order possess two key characteristics: Comfort and high performance. Top that off with a modern design and you get both the versatile IROX GTX® MID model as well as the slightly lower-cut women’s version, the LYXA GTX® MID Ws. And if that isn’t enough, the use of newer materials has reduced weight to a minimum without foregoing any bit of stability. The result is an extremely athletic trekking boot that is impressive in its innovative construction using durable fabric, a breathable GORE-TEX® membrane, and a two-toned lining. Nothing now stands in the way of remote destinations with a grippy outsole combined with the high-cut rubber rand on the toes and heels, and the interwoven Fit Ribbon lacing system.

Comfortable, versatile and flexible – you cannot describe the new IROX GTX® MID and LYXA GTX® MID Ws models any better than that. In the end, both of these trekking boots are the most creative compromise between a lower-profile approach shoe and a high-cut alpine boot. Or, to cut a long story short: The perfect companion for every moderate trekking and alpine tour.

Weight per pair: IROX GTX® MID (UK 8) 1200g; LYXA GTX® MID Ws (UK 5) 920g

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If you can’t really decide if it’ll just be a short walk, or the jaunt around the block ends up turning into a longer hiking tour should leave themselves open to all possibilities from the start. Now, with the trendy LOCARNO and STRATO models, spontaneous outings from here on out will not be the exception but rather the rule. A casual look combines with performance details that ensure durability for outdoor use.

Hiking boots are per definition not necessarily suited for everyday wear. Nevertheless, they are being worn more and more often in the city. What was previously considered stiff and excessive is in today’s urban lifestyle nearly the norm. Functional hybrid solutions with a casual look are taking their own path quite consciously, and skillfully conquer the balancing act between lifestyle and outdoor footwear. Whether a MID- or QUARTER-CUT version, a women’s model of nubuck leather with GORE-TEX® lining, or a men’s style with split leather and leather lining – such trendy boots are impressive in every sense. Even the pared-back LOWA MONOWRAP® construction ensuring optimum foot stability and the cushioning midsole of LOWA DynaPU® offer an attractive overall look.

“Lifestyle meets outdoor” – This indeed best describes the performance models LOCARNO and STRATO. With these urban trendsetters, LOWA once again puts a multifunctional solution for a multitude of activities on your home’s shoe rack – no matter if for the outdoors or the city.

Weight per pair: LOCARNO GTX® LO Ws (UK 5) 700g; STRATO EVO LL QC Ws (UK 5) 760g; LOCARNO GTX® LO (UK 8) 820g; LOCARNO GTX® MID (UK 8) 950g

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When a short walk in fact turns into a longer training outing, then the MADDOX GTX® LO is just the right companion for you. This multifunctional shoe is ready to go for whatever ends up happening. One good yank on its Speed Lacing system to tighten it down and off you go – no matter what the weather and on any terrain.

This lightweight, breathable multitalented shoe features a double injected LOWA DynaPU® sole that offers reliable comfort in the toughest conditions. Extra stability on demanding terrain is provided by the innovative LOWA MONOWRAP® technology. The breathable mesh fabric is just as ready to take it on when the going gets tough. Thanks to the integrated GORE-TEX® membrane, this athletic LOW-CUT shoe is not only weatherproof, but it also ensures your feet stay dry during high-intensity activities. And that‘s not only why the breathable all-rounder is ready to go when you are: The practical Speed Lace technology allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the lacing to individual needs.

The light and airy, yet waterproof multifunctional shoe feels at home on any terrain – either on holiday or during free time. The grippy LOWA Enduro Evo Sole on this athletic all-rounder will most certainly rack up a little more distance by the end of any outing than originally planned.

Weight per pair: MADDOX GTX® LO Ws (UK 5) 590g; MADDOX GTX® LO (UK 8) 720g

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Globetrotters and travellers step out of their own comfort zones freely to discover the world. How comfortable the whole thing can turn out is proven by the new leisure model LISBOA LO with its casual sneaker styling. Once you slip in, your feet are immediately on vacation – even if you are actually still in the planning stage or dealing with a little everyday stress.

“Casual as usual” and still so unique – this fashionable shoe in a classic sneaker design is athletic and at the same time quite stylish. Thank for that go to the upper’s embossing and the extended lacing. The soft suede leather and softly cushioned fabric lining also promise perfect fit for fatigue-free comfort. The cushioned midsole of LOWA DynaPU® plus the low-profile LOWA Sneaker sole keeps this comfortable leisure model smack in the middle of your life all the time. What the prior PALERMO model already had going for it will be this model’s true pleasure – everyday or on the road.

Letting things slide has never been so easy as with the new lifestyle sneakers LISBOA LO Ws and LISBOA LO. Once you have sauntered through the city with these LOW-CUT leisure shoes will be surprised at the end of the day how comfortable such a perfect look can indeed be. Certainly the ideal requirement for your next shopping marathon.

Weight per pair: LISBOA LO Ws (UK 5) 500g; LISBOA LO (UK 8) 600g

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Casual sneakers and outdoor footwear won’t always cut it with every outfit. And most certainly not when it turns out a little more elegant. One exception is the new smooth leather ESTORIL LO shoe. In contrast to normal lifestyle models, it attracts all kinds of attention with its subtle flair – without the need to forego comfort.

If you prefer to lean toward a sportier elegant look for a business appointment or everyday, you will definitely be spot-on with this new smooth leather shoe with a lifestyle design. Perforations on the upper combined with the French seams and covered laces offer the proverbial pulled-together look. All of this lends these free-time sneakers an especially clean aesthetic that is fitting for any occasion. That could be due to the slightly shiny material and the classically elegant colours or perhaps simply because of the overall discreet picture this trendsetter brings along with it. Indeed, in addition to the attractive appearance, this leisure shoe is also completely comfortable. The buttery soft leather lining and the flexible sole help to that end.

Discreet but not boring. Stylish yet still sporty: The ESTORIL LO represents a liaison between demands for style and an unobtrusive lifestyle. That makes this leisure shoe the perfect alternative to uncomfortable leather shoes and those casual outdoor models. A must for anyone who always walks through life a little more fashionably.

Weight per pair: ESTORIL LO Ws (UK 5) 530g; ESTORIL LO (UK 8) 600g

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To ensure those first hiking boots for small peak-baggers fit perfectly and the little ones don’t immediately lose their love of hiking on the first outing, a pediatrician was invited to participate in the development of the ARCO GTX® MID JUNIOR. The result of a comprehensive list of specifications, this boot is specially designed for the anatomical needs of little feet in mind.

Children have their own ideas and want hiking boots that look cool and fit perfectly too. To that end, an entire catalogue of medical specifications was put together covering what a children’s shoe should include to offer the best support possible for sensitive growing feet as they develop. The outcome is a lightweight boot that has a quite perceptibly higher-cut shaft and, when it comes to the sole construction, is a bit sturdier. Nevertheless, freedom of movement is not limited, and the durable split leather offers the necessary flexibility to avoid pressure points. Embossed patterns on the sides and colourful designs ensure a kid-friendly look. And to ensure that the smallest amongst us can still discover the world when the weather is not so ideal, the boot also features the grippy LOWA Trac® Lite Junior sole for best traction. Plus, a breathable GORE-TEX® lining keeps out moisture and dirt reliably.

Lightweight, sturdy and still durable – the best requisites for the total acid test. Because in the end small alpinists always choose their own path. A good thing when their first big adventure can be experienced with the super comfortable ARCO GTX® MID JUNIOR on their feet. Doesn’t matter a bit if the terrain is flat or in alpine regions. What it really comes down to is having fun outdoors.

Weight per pair (EU 31): 530 g

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What really makes a good children’s shoe or boot? It must support the foot ideally, must not limit its growth, and must be as durable and as long lasting as possible. On top of that, footwear like the ROBIN GTX® would not take little hearts by storm if it weren’t also waterproof and allow speedy on and off with the innovative Speed Lace system.

When puddles, mudholes or other kinds of challenges are in the path, there is no stopping the childlike spirit of adventure. Precisely for this reason, these durable kid’s shoes by LOWA are made for the needs of little feet. The supportive LOWA MONOWRAP® construction and reinforcing straps also offer the needed stability. To ensure however that freedom of movement is not restricted, these trendy shoes feature a high proportion of fabric in the construction for flexible characteristics. You also get a multifunctional outsole that also offers secure grip in wet weather and has a higher-cut rubber rand at the toes. As with the prior SIMON model, this new kid’s style is available in a choice of LOW- or QUARTER-CUT versions. Saved was a little weight, but when it comes to the sporty look and bright colours the ante was upped yet again – just for kids, for more fun when out romping about.

Small adventurers do not want to spend a lot of time planning and preparing. Best is to just get right on with it. No problem at all with the ROBIN GTX® and its especially kid-friendly construction that lives up to the prior model’s reputation.

Weight per pair ROBIN GTX® LO (EU 31): 360 g; ROBIN GTX® QC (EU 31): 410 g

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