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Rocky peaks that rise imposingly toward the heavens and demanding tours attract ambitious athletes to the highest mountain regions in the world. With the ALPINE EXPERT GTX®, a new alpine touring boot has been added to the official rope team – one that continues the technically advanced concepts of premium outdoor boots from LOWA. The ALPINE EXPERT GTX® counts as a part of the new generation of outdoor boots which are impressive in particular in their performance and technical features. Whether for mountaineering or ice climbing, these fully crampon-compatible alpine boots live up to their name on any terrain. To ensure top stability in any situation, the higher-cut wrap web construction of the upper plus the carbon inlay can be counted on. The lower-profile sole construction also enables optimum control, whilst the anatomical footbed offers nothing but the best comfort for hours. To be certain nothing about that changes in icy environments, the waterproof GORE-TEX® lining with its 400 grams of PrimaLoft® insulation protects reliably from biting cold. Tough conditions are thus for this expert among alpine boots less of a challenge as the welcome adventure to come. The defined tread pattern itself adds that insurance with its Vibram® Alp Trac® Ice outsole. Ambitious alpine tours are conquered by the ALPINE EXPERT GTX® like a pro since the materials used are durable and yet still flexible enough to deliver a brilliant performance on any terrain.

Weight per pair: ALPINE EXPERT GTX® Ws (UK 5) 1460g; ALPINE EXPERT GTX® (UK 8) 1740g

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Every athletic alpinist knows that one gram too much in weight sooner or later is that one gram too many to carry along on demanding tours on alpine terrain. Lightness and a perfect performance on the mountain are for many athletes the highest demand. To precisely satisfy this demand, the new ALPINE SL GTX® has been reduced to the essentials. That resulted in an athletic, extremely lightweight pro outdoor boot that tips the scales at just 550 grams. Every detail in this new concept of an alpine boot was perfected by working together with extreme mountaineer David Göttler. For example, the protective PU rand is sprayed on the durable synthetic material. To shave even more weight, a stiff insole made of carbon plus an extremely light Vibram® Alp Trac® SL outsole are also integrated. Nevertheless, this athletic alpine boot offers top stability. Soft neoprene gaiters, the two-zone lacing system, and a waterproof GORE-TEX® lining make this colourful eye-catcher a truly athletic alpinist. True to the slogan, ‘Less is more’, this superlight alpine boot offers top performance on the mountain: Reduced to the bare essentials, the ALPINE SL GTX® not only pushes the limits of what is possible, but also the goals of its wearer.

Weight per pair (UK 8): 1100g

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(also: CADIN GTX® LO)


Some outdoor athletes prefer not to make a commitment about whether one should head out on trail adventures with alpine boots or LOW-CUT hikers. So, it’s nice when the model is available in both variations. The sporty CADIN GTX® can be found either as a MID-CUT version or as a LOW-CUT approach shoe. But a few things are quite certain: Whether at the crag or on the way to get there, these alpine companions quite prefer to breathe high mountain air. Plus, they are especially impressive with their performance features. Both an approach shoe and an outdoor boot, they definitely follow their own path. In design, both models march to a different drummer with their sporty, fresh look. In addition to their sporty colours, embossing on the upper contributes to that flair. In order to keep the weight as light as possible, the protective rand at the toes and heel is applied directly onto the durable synthetic material. Despite the pretty rigid sole, both models are distinguished by their very broad range of use, whereas the CADIN GTX® MID offers significantly more stability on alpine terrain with its crampon compatibility at the heel and a Vibram® Mulaz Approach outsole. In contrast, the CADIN GTX® LO can fully play out its strengths on an approach or a via ferrata. With both versions of the CADIN GTX®, different goals can indeed be pursued but basically both boast the identical alpine DNA. Because aside from the soft gaiters to protect from stones and dirt, and the easy lacing system, many of the numerous performance details are evident precisely where both the LOW-CUT and the MID-CUT versions feel most at home – outdoors on wide open terrain.

Weight per pair: CADIN GTX® LO (UK 8) 900g; CADIN GTX® MID (UK 8) 1220g

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A breath of fresh air on a shoe wall is what the new AERANO GTX® and the AERANO GTX® Ws provide. Both feature the breathable, waterproof GORE-TEX®-SURROUND™-technology. The All Terrain Classic model follows a more minimal design approach. The result is a hybrid outdoor shoe that is also perfect for everyday use. Enjoy taking a breath with the AERANO GTX® as well as the women’s version, the AERANO GTX® Ws. That’s because this multifunctional shoe features a direct injection-moulded sole on an ingenious system of air ventilation channels that always offers optimum foot temperature management. But it is not only the innovative GORE-TEX®- SURROUND™ technology that lends maximum comfort. The integrated nubuck and smooth leather also offer perfect characteristics for always keeping feet comfortable and happy. Add to that the cushioning midsole made of LOWA DynaPU®. Combined with the stabilising web frame of the LOWA MONOWRAP® construction and easy lacing, this classic all-rounder becomes a perfect companion. With it, you are ready to go for spontaneous adventures outdoors as well as for long urban rambles or even getting to work each day. Lightweight, flexible and above all else comfortable are the key attributes that any multifunctional shoe must offer. However, to ensure you can really go anywhere in them, the design should also be somewhat understated. And that is precisely why the AERANO GTX® Ws and the AERANO GTX® attract attention for their maximum function and otherwise do not stand out unnecessarily.

Weight per pair: AERANO GTX® Ws (UK 5) 700g; AERANO GTX® (UK 8) 800g

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When spontaneity and a multifunctional shoe come together, then at some point an unplanned adventure will in the end become reality. With the waterproof all-rounders INNOX PRO GTX® MID Ws or the INNOX PRO GTX® MID, the conditions for that are opportune for outdoor enthusiasts since they always have on perfect footwear. Super comfortable, light and breathable, the 2nd generation of this lightweight hiking model also sets new standards – whether for short walks or an easy-going hike in the mountains. Why limit yourself when you can reach the destination any way you choose with this multifunctional shoe? Even detours are no problem for this light hiking shoe made of flexible man-made materials. That’s because its multifunctional sole is super flexible thanks to the soft PU foam. Meaning you are assured of top comfort any time even for the long haul. Whilst the midsole made of LOWA DynaPU® offers needed cushioning, the innovative LOWA MONOWRAP® web frame construction stabilises every step off-road. Even the upper of closed-mesh textile and frame construction contribute their part. The waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® lining does its work to make sure feet stay nice and dry even in bad weather and also don’t get sweaty during strenuous outings. Indeed, this colourful multitalented shoe is surprisingly flexible when a short walk in the park in fact turns into an unplanned and challenging hike. The INNOX PRO GTX® MID even manages with ease short side trips on unfamiliar terrain.

Weight per pair: INNOX PRO GTX® MID Ws (UK 5) 740g; INNOX PRO GTX® MID (UK 8) 900g

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(also: LYNNOX GTX® LO Ws)


If you want to be innovative and you are not satisfied with past achievements but aim high over and over again... LOWA sets more milestones with the LYNNOX GTX® LO and LYNNOX GTX® LO Ws in the area of multifunctional footwear. The result is a comfortable multitalented model that ensures perfect performance with its new technological details. When it comes to fit, the LYNNOX GTX® LO model achieves new standards with the innovative GORE-TEX® INVISIBLE FIT™ technology. With it, the waterproof laminate is applied directly to the flexible textile material. This reduces water absorption and ensures a quick-drying experience. With this perfect adaptation, wrinkles and unevenness are eliminated and thus pressure points decreased. In addition, the LOWA Trail Trac® outsole lends optimum support. Ideal conditions for easy-going hiking and enjoyment as well as for everyday comfort. Finally, the search for a true multifunctional shoe has ended. Minimal weight paired with performance characteristics and a unique fit make the do-it-all LYNNOX GTX® LO and the LYNNOX GTX® LO Ws the go-to companions for every outdoor adventure – from easy hiking even to short runs.

Weight per pair: LYNNOX GTX® LO (UK 8) 750g; LYNNOX GTX® LO Ws (UK 5) 600g

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If traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology are to conquer the world as one, then we think they would hit the road with the CORTINA and RIMINI models. Whether as a sneaker version or a MID-CUT leisure shoe, the design of both eye-catching models is reminiscent of the classic look of outdoor boots of yore. That they are nevertheless far from an old hat is proved not only by the aesthetics of these contemporary leisure shoes. The simple, minimalistic design of traditional outdoor boots makes clear what the DNA is in these stylish leisure shoes. The classic design with two decorative seams plus the laterally placed embossed logo are still however clearly contemporary. Even the relatively narrow last contributes to a stylish look – be that the LOW-CUT RIMINI LL or the RIMINI LL Ws version, or even the CORTINA LL or the CORTINA LL Ws. The unmistakable vintage look is complemented with a multitude of functional details. To ensure maximum, long-lasting comfort, only premium materials have been used. Thus, you get optimal temperature management even on hot days with the soft smooth leather upper and a leather footbed. In addition, there is a flexible cup sole with cushioning elements of LOWA DynaPU®. Combined with the LOWA Street Trac® outsole, this offers top support both on and off surfaced paths. The CORTINA and RIMINI models though do not follow well-worn paths but take a completely new direction with their combination of tradition and innovation. These stylish and functional leisure shoes not only look great but wear just as brilliantly.

Weight per pair: RIMINI LL (UK 8) 870g; CORTINA LL (UK 8) 950g; RIMINI LL Ws (UK 5) 650g; CORTINA LL Ws (UK 5) 720g

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Keeping kids in mind: The MADDOX GTX® JUNIOR follows not only in the steps of the adult model, but in fact also extends the well-engineered concept even further with additional performance details. Whether a LOW-CUT version or a higher-cut boot, this lightweight multifunctional piece is optimally suited for big adventures and small feet. Just slip right in and off to playtime outdoors – in any weather and on any terrain. The lightweight, brightly coloured multitalented product is guaranteed to be a favourite among kids. Thanks however to the injection- moulded LOWA DynaPU® sole and the innovative LOWA MONOWRAP® technology, they also always lend superior support and stability even on challenging terrain. Too, the durable, closed-mesh material used turns into an ideal playmate because the integrated GORE-TEX® membrane is always ready in any weather to keep feet reliably dry. But it also runs like clockwork with this flexible all-rounder. To that end, the MADDOX GTX® MID JUNIOR features a Velcro® closure and a stretch pull tab system so it can be adjusted a little smaller or bigger as needed. On the other hand, the MADDOX GTX® LO JUNIOR has the practical Speed Lacing technology, so kids are ready for action at a moment’s notice. Whether playing or on the way to school, with the grippy LOWA Enduro Evo Junior outsole, kids can put in a whole lot of kilometres. No wonder, these sporty multifunctional shoes are also super comfy to wear. Just one more reason to get outdoors and discover the world than to sit inside.

Weight per pair: MADDOX GTX® LO JUNIOR (EU 31) 340g; MADDOX GTX® MID JUNIOR (EU 31) 380g

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