Warranty & repair


When making a claim, please only turn to the specialty shop at which you purchased our product.
Should defects appear in your LOWA-shoes during the warranty period, which are related to defects in material or workmanship, then we shall seek to remove these defects according to legal prescriptions. By filing a claim under warranty, you will not be extending the warranty period.
This warranty is only valid when you submit proof of your purchase, indicating the purchase date and the name of the dealer (for example, a cashier receipt or an original invoice), together with the defective product.
This warranty is limited and excludes other damages which are especially caused because of neglect, inappropriate use, poor fit, waste, wear and tear, improper repair or changes and modifications. It also excludes consequential damages which arise other than on the LOWA shoes themselves.
This does not limit any indemnification arising under the product liability law as well as from tortious acts.
The laws and regulations valid in the particular country of purchase are controlling.

Product Liability

We recommend that you have your footwear inspected six years after purchase by your specialty retailer or LOWA to look for wear or weak spots in materials or construction due to ageing or general wear and tear.


My LOWA boots are defective, but I’m not certain if they‘re qualified for an authorised claim under the conditions of the warranty.

Please show any such defect to your LOWA specialist retailer (don’t forget your receipt!). Your retailer is also your guarantor and will handle your complaint accordingly within the warranty period. Thanks to their expertise, your retailer can best judge what steps to take, or if your shoes should be sent for repair.