On one leg across the alps

30 days, 312 kilometres und 35,000 meters of climbing –Jaqueline Fritz crossed the Alps together with her dog, Loui, and a camerawoman. What was special about it? Jaqueline Fritz completed the entire journey on crutches since she had lost a leg a few years ago. An enormous challenge for the young athlete.

The elaborate planning and organisation was well worth it: Jaqueline started out from Hammersbach heading toward Meran, Italy, on 13 August 2016. She only had to alter her route once due to some difficult conditions. Sounds simple enough, but it was a huge undertaking. After a day that had already lasted nine hours, Jaqueline determined it just wasn’t possible to conquer the large snowfield and the gaping crevasses with crutches that kept sinking into the snow. The decision was clear: Just three kilometres from reaching the day’s goal, they had to turn around. And it took another seven hours the next day to take on an alternative route. “This difficulty was the only real big problem. Otherwise, everything went pretty well”, says the 30-year-old. She only mentioned, as an aside, a broken toe and ripped up hands, which her body reacted to with a fever.

On the adventure, Jaqueline Fritz mastered snowy passages, via ferratas and narrow ridges, which she had to traverse sideways with her crutches. Always at her side was her dog, Loui, who had meanwhile received training as a mountain companion dog. To bring her experience of this Alpine crossing on one leg to a wide range of audience, a camerawoman (Leila) and her colleague, Marco, who joined them on weekends to film spectacular footage for example with a drone, captured everything on film. Important for the team was also Joachim who took care of needed logistics in the valley locations.

As boot for the tour, the 30-year-old had selected the PREDAZZO GTX® Ws. The company supported Jaqueline on her trip as a gear sponsor. Asked about her motivation, she says: “With this tour, it wasn’t about proving something to somebody or another. I just wanted to stay my project through. If it encourages other disabled people to live their dreams, I would be quite thrilled.”

Since Jaqueline has now successfully completed her adventure, she is back in her advertising agency in Bad Bergzabern, however, now climbing is on her main focus. With a twinkle in her eyes, she already is talking of her next project: For 2017, she plans to cross the Jubiläumsgrat (“Jubilee Way”). And a bit after that, she is looking to an adventure that combines mountaineering, climbing, canoe paddling and camping. Of course, Loui will be there too.