Siti produttivi

In qualità di leader del settore, nell'era della globalizzazione, LOWA si affida consapevolmente al "Made in Europe" per garantire la migliore qualità dei prodotti, salari equi e sicurezza sociale per i suoi dipendenti.

Grazie alla sua produzione europea, LOWA si garantisce di mantenere il controllo sul suo vasto know-how e sulle sue tecnologie. Inoltre, l'azienda è in grado di rispettare tempi di consegna significativamente più brevi. Un ulteriore aspetto cruciale è il controllo qualità generale su ogni singola fase della produzione.

Attualmente LOWA produce nella sua sede principale a Jetzendorf, in Baviera, nonché in Slovacchia, Italia, Croazia, Bosnia-Erzegovina e Repubblica Ceca.


Company name: LOWA Sportschuhe GmbH
Location: Jetzendorf 
Headquarter since: 1923
Production: Alpine, Backpacking, Trekking and sample production
Shoes per week: about 7,200 pairs

LOWA Sportschuhe GmbH was founded in 1923 in Jetzendorf by Lorenz Wagner and is the home of the international company today. What began in 1923 as a small start-up producing traditional handmade Bavarian Haferl shoes has evolved over the years into an international company with a highly respected global reputation. Even as internationalisation spreads around the world, LOWA has taken the conscious decision to keep its home base located in Jetzendorf. To LOWA, the production operation in Germany embodies the link between a decades-long company tradition and values like a commitment to quality, exceptional service, the joy of innovation and continuous modernisation. About 250 employees work in Jetzendorf today. In addition to the production operation, the town is the home of the research and development department and the central administrative office. The production and administrative buildings have always been upgraded to meet new needs. The last expansion work was done in 2002. In 2016, LOWA covered a large segment of the company car park with a photovoltaic system. This unit now generates one-sixth of the power used by the company.


Company name: RIALTO s.r.o.
Location: Bošany
Distance from LOWA: 681 kilometres
Partner since: 1996
Production: All Terrain Classic, All Terrain Sport, Travel, Kids
Shoes per week: about 60,000 pairs

RIALTO is a subsidiary of the Italian shoe specialist RIKO SPORT and the second-largest shoe factory in Slovakia. In 1999, the old plant site was purchased by today’s owners and a state-of-the-art facility was constructed. The town of Bošany is located in the rolling hill country of the Danube in northwestern Slovakia. It has a population of about 5,000 people. RIALTO is the largest employer in the region and has a workforce of about 1,000 people. For these workers, health insurance and unemployment assistance are part of a standard package of benefits, just like extra pay for shift and night-time work. As a special benefit, the company finances 13 bus lines that employees can use free of charge. 


Company name:
Location: Montebelluna
Distance from LOWA: 497 kilometres
Partner since: 1993
Production: Alpine, Backpacking, Trekking
Shoes per week: about 2,000 pairs

GARDEN SPORT is the smallest member of LOWA’s European production alliance. The company was established in 1963 by the father of today’s managing director, Giuliano Deon. The area around the city of Montebelluna in the northern Italian region of Veneto is a traditional production site of the shoe industry. It forms the commercial heart of the country along with Milan. LOWA’s production operation in Italy primarily makes Alpine and hiking boots. It currently has 16 employees. The company undergoes continuous modernisation. The last addition was completed in 2015.


Company name: LORA d.o.o.
Location: Križevci
Distance from LOWA: 664 kilometres
Partner since: 1998
Production: Upper production
Uppers per week: about 3,000 pairs

LORA is in Križevci, a city located northeast of Zagreb, and was established in 1998. When it opened, the company had about 75 employees. Since then, the workforce has grown to approximately 150 people, 80 per cent of whom are women. LORA is one of the region’s most important employers. In 2007, the production operation was moved to a site on the eastern edge of the city. LORA has a two-shift operation that specialises in the production of uppers. The company covers the commuting and meal costs of employees.


Company name:
Škrebić Company d.o.o.
Location: Teslić
Distance from LOWA: 881 kilometres
Partner since: 2011
Production: Upper production
Uppers per week: about 2,800 pairs

ŠKREBIĆ was established in 1997 and employs about 470 people today. A total of 230 of them work for LOWA, a group that consists mainly of women. The shoe factory is located in the small town of Teslić in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is one of the region’s major employers. ŠKREBIĆ is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s major companies, a status that places it under special government supervision. ŠKREBIĆ provides between six and seven bus lines as well as a number of mini-buses that bring employees who live in areas of town located far from the factory to work and back home. Like other members of the LOWA alliance, meals are served free of charge to employees in the company cafeteria.

Company name: BEMA d.o.o.
Location: Banja Luka
Distance from LOWA: 789 kilometres
Partner since: 2008
Production: Upper production
Uppers per week: about 1,800 pairs

The BEMA shoe factory is also located in the northern part of the country, in Banja Luka, the second-largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company grew out of the BOSNA shoe factory and uses a portion of the old factory facilities that are continuously modernised. BEMA is one of the region’s largest employers today. Holiday policies at BEMA are identical to those at ŠKREBIĆ. Both companies take three weeks off in the summer. In addition, they shut down operations for a period of 10 days to two weeks at Christmas. In Banja Luka, the shoe factory finances 10 bus lines for commuting workers. Employees who do not live near the company’s bus routes may use public buses at the company’s expense. Like ŠKREBIĆ, meals served by the company cafeteria are free of charge.


Company name: TRIOP
Location: Fryšták
Distance from LOWA: 670 kilometers
Partner since: 2011
Production: climbing shoes

TRIOP is a company that specialises in climbing shoes and has been making them for more than 25 years. The company makes all its boots in the Czech Republic. The city of Fryšták is located in the eastern portion of the Czech Republic, at the south-western foot of the Hostýnské vrchy mountains in the Fryštácká depression at the point where the Moravian Wallachia transitions to Hanakia.

Company name: SALTIC s.r.o.
Location: Zlín
Distance from LOWA: 680 kilometers
Partner since: 2011
Production: climbing shoes

The city of Zlín has more than 75,000 residents and is an industrial centre of the Zlínský kraj region in Moravia. It is about seven kilometres south of Fryšták. The company SALTIC s.r.o. was established in 1990 in Zlín. It has specialised in climbing shoes from the start.